We will meet at Terranova at 6:15 PM on Thursday, June 13th.
Terranova is at 1420 Paramount Drive, Suite 1, Huntsville, Alabama 35806.
The meeting will start at 6:30 PM.

All are welcome.

We will meet at the meeting room at the Moontown airport 3M5 at 6:30 PM on Thursday. 
This is a brownbag event. Bring your dinner and drinkables. 


Joining SOFH is a two-step process. Pending our new web site, first, register for site access to the right side of this page. 

You should be approved quickly. 

Then you should see a link to join and pay dues there after you log in. Fill out the form and pay either with a  credit or debit card or with PayPal.  


That's it. You're in!  


Welcome to SOFH.