Saving Our Flying Heritage (SOFH) is a non-profit public educational corporation filed under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS. The organization is dedicated to presenting the military aviation story to the American people through narrated, patriotic flying presentations and static displays of the actual aircraft and equipment used by the men and women who served in US Military Aviation.  This is accomplished through the acquisition, restoration, and maintenance of historic flyable military aviation aircraft. (concentrating on Vietnam to present).

Contacting Us

SOFH's mailing address is:

P.O. Box 664
Meridianville, AL 35759-2119

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The Mission

SOFH is a national, non-profit all-volunteer organization composed of veterans, their families, and civilian supporters and is acting to connect the American soldier to the American public as an active, accepted, and admired member of the American family by presenting the story of military aviation and the American soldier.  SOFH is providing America an opportunity to hear its veterans share their stories and see its military legacy in flight and in action.

The Method

To best share the legacy of the military aviation with the American public, the members of the SOFH have chosen to take the story TO the American people, versus having the people come to them, through use of its historic flyable military aircraft in programs at major public venues, such as air shows, and at numerous other smaller community outreach initiatives.  

The Need

Few military branches have had a dynamic a growth and development as aviation , yet it’s heritage and the professionals who made this history are little known or recognized. Further, the various types of historic aircraft are rapidly disappearing, they are being given to foreign governments or sold for scrap. Finally, there is a present generation of young Americans who have no first hand knowledge on the contributions of these sky soldiers and their aircraft. When their aircraft are gone and their stories left untold, their legacy will remain forever unknown to the American people.

The Organization

In 2009, the SOFH was organized by a group of veterans to improve the public’s awareness of Army Aviation and it’s Veterans. Utilizing flyable historic Army Aviation aircraft, the SOFH tell the story of military aviation to the public through country-wide education presentations.

To secure the long-term success of this "first-of-a-it's-kind" organization, the organization has: 

      1.  Incorporated as a Non-Profit Domestic Corporation, in October, 2009.

      2.  Received I.R.S. approval as a 501 (c)(3) public educational organization. (Donations of money and equipment are fully deductible under IRS guidelines).



The Organization is constantly on the search to obtain examples of historic military aircraft. These aircraft are acquired and maintained solely as a "means" to tell the military aviation story to the American public. To date, the SOFH has been successful in acquiring aircraft, representing World War I to present. Some of the aircraft have already been restored to "show quality" condition, while others are waiting their turn for full restoration as funds become available.

Aircraft Preservation

One of the unique functions of the SOFH is to obtain, restore and maintain in flyable condition, examples of historic aircraft representing military aircraft from Vietnam to present for future generations of American to experience.

Following acquisition of an aircraft, the SOFH has four primary tasks:

Whenever possible, to locate veterans who are experienced with the aircraft (or an aircraft of similar characteristics), to lead a group of SOFH volunteers in it’s restoration and operation.

The restoration of the aircraft to its original military specifications.

Research the aircraft’s history and integrate it into our educational presentations.

Ensure the aircraft and crew are maintained to high operational and safety standards in full compliance with F.A.A. regulations.

Saving Our Flying Heritage understands that today’s soldiers and their families are watching how America treats her veterans. We are using veteran aviators and veteran aircraft to inspire Americans of all generations and ensure that our Nation’s military legacy and heritage of service are never forgotten.