At our meeting last evening the SOFH membership agreed to move forward to purchase a flyable L-19A (O-1E). You can see it at!l-19-ar6/c1cnr


Mike Murdockand his wife Ann have agreed to donate the purchase price, sales taxes, one years' insurance and hangarage to SOFH. After the first year we will have ot pay the insurance and taxes.


I am on the hook to build a budget so that we know how much we need to raise. I'll have that done by midweek next week.


We plan to fly to Fort Worth to inspect the plane some weekend soon. Denny has agreed to take his Cessna 310 in order to use the flight time for training for our pilots. The alternative is Mike has offered to take his King Air.


I suggest that the team include Mike, Denny, Norm, Tom Kahlert (who is current in type and also owns a sister ship), a potential SOFH member, and Bernie, if he is up for the trip. Please let me know if you are available. We are looking at April 26th for the trip.


Mike, please forward to Tom.


Comments to me,


Ralph Weber

President, SOFH